Celebrating three decades of service

In the fast-paced world of the food industry, longevity is a rarity. Yet, Summit Foods has stood the test of time, thanks to its dedicated and loyal workforce.

Today, we honour three individuals who have given over thirty years of their lives to our company – Andy Faunch, Tom Emery, and Dave Kilshaw. Their extraordinary commitment and dedication are a testament to our organisational values and a significant reason for our continued success.

thirty years at summit

Celebrating commitment

Our employees are the backbone of our organisation. Their loyalty, hard work, and commitment have played a key role in shaping Summit Foods. We are incredibly fortunate to have individuals like Andy, Tom, and Dave in our team. Each of them has served for over three decades – a truly remarkable achievement!

Managing Director Andrew Hayes shares his gratitude to the team “I am so proud of Andy, Tom and Dave. They are truly assets to our company and have made an impact over the years. We as a business, are incredibly grateful to work with people like this, who show up time and time again. From everyone at Summit Foods, thank you for your service!”

Andy Faunch, our Good-in/dispatch supervisor, has been instrumental in ensuring that our products reach our customers on time and in perfect condition. His dedication and meticulous attention to detail have made him a valuable asset to our team.

Under Tom Emery‘s leadership as Factory Manager, our factory has consistently met production targets without compromising on quality. His practical approach and dedication to his role have made him an inspiration for his team.

As a Shift Manager, Dave Kilshaw has played a critical role in maintaining a smooth workflow during different shifts. His commitment to his role and his ability to manage his team effectively has helped us maintain our production standards around the clock.

The impact of loyalty and dedication

The loyalty, commitment, hard work, and dedication shown by Andy, Tom, and Dave have not only sustained our operations but also contributed significantly to our growth and success over the years. Their long-standing service is a shining example for others in the industry. Thank you for being part of this team.

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