What are you waiting for? Take a look at the new Snacksters website. 

We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of our Snacksters brand website, boasting a fresh new look and a user-friendly interface. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in our business growth strategy for 2024 and beyond. This new site and brand refresh has been designed and developed by our team at Fantastic Media.

new snacksters

Your favourite fakeaway

Snacksters, our B2C-facing brand, is available at major supermarket chains, including Aldi, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons.  Featuring our renowned frozen products such as the iconic Big Stack and our sandwich range, East St Deli, the brand originated from our vision to offer consumers a convenient ‘fakeaway’ experience that rivals takeaway quality, all readily accessible at the supermarket. With money tighter now than in recent years, our products are more relevant than ever, and we felt this was the right time to ensure we raise awareness.

The new Snacksters website has been an ambition of ours. We felt it was only right to give it the spotlight it deserves through new photography, new designs and even more information on the range that we are so proud of. 

What are you waiting for?

The rebrand of Snacksters was not limited to a new website alone, but rather a rebrand of this side of the business all together. While retaining our familiar logo and colour pallet, we have introduced a new look and feel to all of our activities around the brand. Notably, introducing a new campaign message ‘What are you waiting for?’. This truly encompasses our feelings towards the product! Why waste time cooking big meals… What are you waiting for? Save money by not ordering a takeaway… What are you waiting for? Give the kids what they (think) they want… What are you waiting for? 

Managing Director of Summit Foods, Andrew Hayes comments “This has been a dream project for me! Snacksters is all about providing something fresh and different to the market and it was key for us to do the same with this brand. The entire team is so passionate about our offering from Snacksters and will shout about it for anyone to listen so we all couldn’t be happier to see this project come to life. This website is just the start, you will be seeing all aspects of our business grow and develop over the year.”

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